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The topic comes up quite often in conversation. People want to know why we decided to go out on our own and found McKay Wealth Management Group in the first place. In the grand scheme of things, starting our own registered investment advisory firm probably wasn’t the easiest way to continue our respective careers after years of working in larger offices. Nobody who owns a small business will tell you it’s easy. But our motives behind starting this journey weren’t to make things simple. They were to make things better. For our clients, our industry, and ourselves. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Nerdiness.

Now, I read The Wall Street Journal over my cup of coffee every morning. That’s right, the actual newspaper, with pages and ink! What the stock market does and how it’s all intertwined with the events of the day, week, month, or year is truly fascinating to me. Give me a spreadsheet to fill with projections and assumptions and I’m one happy camper. I love to sit on the phone and chat with my clients about the markets, the economy, global affairs, and current events. Having my own business that merges my nerdy passions with the ability to talk with fun, interesting people all day long was too great an opportunity to pass up.  When such an opportunity presented itself, I was more than ready to jump in.

Reason #2: Work-life balance.

People find many different ways to succeed in their careers and their personal lives. For us, having control over our own business and the day-to-day operations gives us the freedom to find our own work-life balance. Gigi and I very much enjoy our roles as small business owners in the professional world, but we equally love our family time. Our kids certainly aren’t getting any younger! Attending school events, traveling the world, and sitting around the dinner table together as a family are moments we certainly won’t be able to get back later. We’re taking it all in while we can. While we work long hours wearing the many hats of small business owners, those hours are on our terms and are optimized for our clients, our business and our family.

Reason #3: Service our clients expect and deserve.        

A lot of negative perceptions surround the financial services industry, and understandably so. We’re working to change that. We realized early on there’s a better way to successfully guide our clients through their financial lives. We’re fiduciaries, which means our clients’ best interests come first. We care about who we work with. Having the flexibility to take the time to understand what’s going on in our clients’ lives is important. Whether it’s getting married, having a baby, getting through an illness, a death in the family, an unexpected job loss – life events are what drive people to do what they do with their money. We have full control over the process we use to help navigate those life events alongside you.

Reason #4: Demystifying personal finance and investing.

Investing should be approachable to everyone. In reality, it’s not that simple. Reading earnings reports, market analysis, and economic statistics doesn’t get everybody excited. What’s important is that our clients understand what they need to do to reach their financial goals. The world of personal finance is applicable to all. We’ve organized how we do business with that at the forefront of our minds. We keep things simple, advise our clients on things they can control in their lives, and keep investing and financial planning straightforward and affordable.

Interested in learning more about how we may be able to help you plot your financial path? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help in any way that we can.