How do your fees compare with other financial advisors?

Our prices and fees are extremely competitive for the service and attention we provide. According to, the average fee is 1.18% for assets less than $50,000.

When do people usually need financial advice?

Many of our clients come to us for advice when they are about to make a big financial decision. For example: buying a house, starting a new job, getting married, starting a family or receiving an inheritance.

How does McKay Wealth Management Group get paid?

For Financial Planning, we divide the bill into two parts. You will receive a bill in each of the first two quarters you work with us. For Asset Management, our fee will be deducted from your investment account on a quarterly basis. Fees are paid in advance of each new quarter.

What if I don’t really know anything about financial planning?

That’s OK. You’re not alone. We’ll help you by understanding your current situation, learning about your goals and creating a plan to help you achieve them. We make financial planning easy and approachable for all of our clients.

Can you help me with my 401k plan I have through my employer?

Absolutely! We do this all the time and we highly encourage our clients to participate in their employer-sponsored retirement plans. We make recommendations on how our clients should invest their 401ks, based on the financial plan we prepare.

Do I make enough money to even need a financial advisor?

Yes, you do! Perhaps you’ve been conditioned to think that you need to have substantial assets first, but that’s not the case. The time is now to organize your finances, pay down debt and build a plan for the future.

I just want a customized financial plan only. Is that possible?

Of course. The cost of a standalone financial plan is $3,000. We’ll assess your risk, define your goals, and learn about your current assets and expenses. From there we’ll create a detailed map for you to navigate on your own. It’ll be straight forward, easy to read and easy to execute.

Do I get to talk to the same financial advisor? Do I have a main point of contact to ask questions?

Yes! You will have a person dedicated to knowing your situation and answering any questions along the way. You’ll know their name and they’ll know yours. More importantly, they’ll know your goals.