What’s moving the markets?

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Historic Q2 GDP drop. The GDP numbers for the second quarter showed a historically unprecedented decrease of 32.9%. Read more… Resurging COVID cases. A massive uptick in U.S. coronavirus infections is causing the economic bounce from the depths of the shutdown to stall. It’s looking to be a rough second half of the year for the Read More

Black swans: Unpredictable economic turmoil and teaching moments

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A “black swan” is a completely unanticipated event which, usually, has a resoundingly negative impact on the economy. These events take everyone by surprise, even the smart folks who spend their days constantly analyzing, monitoring, and crunching the financial numbers. Forecasting out the short and long term ramifications of black swans can be a nearly Read More

The “sandwich generation”: Financially stuck in the middle

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The “sandwich generation”: Those Americans thrust into the precarious position of financially juggling young children and elderly parents. Lots of older Millennials and Gen-Xers are finding themselves in this bucket, with plenty more being thrown into the mix each year. Grappling with the daily responsibility tug-of-war can be a real emotional struggle. Figuring out how Read More