Saving for your fun goals

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We all have fun goals we dream about: traveling to a new destination, checking off a bucket list item, purchasing something extravagant, or going all out for a special occasion. Like any other financial goal, turning these kinds of dreams into reality requires steady, consistent financial planning. By implementing effective money-saving strategies, you can make Read More

Healthcare budgeting with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

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Managing your medical expenses effectively in today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape is crucial. Healthcare costs continue to climb as an ailing and aging American population drives demand for services. Robust health insurance plans with reasonable monthly premiums are becoming increasingly hard to come by, particularly for small business workers and self-employed professionals. Many people are signing Read More

Backdoor Roth conversion: Is it the right move for you?

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Ever wondered about the mysterious backdoor Roth conversion? While seemingly complex, this retirement savings strategy can be quite useful if you fall into a specific bucket of savers. Let’s demystify the process. How does a backdoor Roth conversion work? The backdoor Roth conversion allows high earning individuals the opportunity to contribute to a Roth IRA, Read More

Savings buckets: Knowing where to put your money

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There are plenty of moving pieces to a person’s financial picture, which makes saving for future goals an ever-evolving task. Remember that consistent saving is key to making any financial dream a reality. Earmarking funds for specific savings buckets is a great way to stay motivated. Two goals fall into the must-save-for-first category: retirement and Read More

Reality check: Homeownership

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Ah, homeownership. There’s so much to think about. First, a few things to keep in mind: This isn’t an anti-homeownership post. In fact, buying a house can be an excellent financial goal to accomplish. It can also be one of the biggest financial mistakes out there. Knowing what you’re really getting into is the best Read More