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Sustainability, whether something has the ability to last, comes in many different forms. When you’re talking financial sustainability, it’s all about finding the right balance. Are you able to live for today and plan for tomorrow? Can you be content with your lifestyle now and make positive steps toward a life you’re dreaming of sometime Read More

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Multigenerational living in the U.S. is becoming quite a trend. While culturally mainstream in countries across the globe, American extended families have shied away from living under one roof for decades. But those societal norms are rapidly changing. Why? Because household sharing has lots of benefits for everyone involved. From cost of living to childcare Read More

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Financial conversations with your partner can bring a whole new complexity to any relationship. They can be uncomfortable, awkward, scary even. But it’s incredibly important to lay it all out there and get on the same page. Why? Because financial troubles are a big reason why many relationships fall apart. The dynamics get even more Read More

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Do you daydream about leaving your nine-to-five sooner rather than later in life? Retiring early is becoming an extremely common financial goal. People want the freedom and flexibility well before their golden years. Others are simply striving for ultimate financial independence – working because they want to, not because they depend on the income. Traditional Read More

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It doesn’t take much to get into credit card trouble in today’s “swipe it and forget it” economy. Nearly every store is plastic-for-payment friendly. You don’t even have to open your wallet! Tapping your phone or watch will do. Online shopping is easier than ever. Months can literally fly by without your having to touch Read More