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You’re busy trying to soak up all that life has to offer. You want to spend quality time with your family and friends. You want to travel the world. The last thing you probably want to be thinking about is what’s going to happen once you’re gone. Understand that making tough estate planning decisions now Read More

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Fall! Is that you?? The holidays are coming, it’s football time, the weather is cooling off, Richmond festivals are ramping up…what’s not to love about this season? If your summer flew by as quickly as ours did, you may have missed out on the personal finance topics we’ve been focused on the past few months. Read More

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Stock market tremors can feel like a roller coaster ride. Even the thought of the market potentially hitting the skids deters many young people from starting to invest to begin with. Others don’t even realize they’re uncomfortable with their investments until the market takes a nosedive. Then they panic and frantically instruct their advisors to Read More

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Wedding season is well underway! It’s so exciting to be able to spend that special day with your loved ones. But beware! The cost of attending weddings can sneak up on you if you don’t prepare ahead of time. You may have lots of friends get hitched within just a couple years, which can really Read More

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Your parents probably handled your finances growing up. They made sure you had what you needed, kept you from going off the money rails, and maybe even taught you about the inner workings of the financial household. Then at some point, you took over that responsibility. Your parents set you free to make your own Read More

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Happy summer guys! How is the year halfway over already?? We hope you’re out and about enjoying all that the warm weather has to offer. If you’ve taken a breather from the personal finance happenings over the past few months, don’t fret! We’ve got your recap right here. These are the topics we’ve been focused Read More

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Being named the Executor of a friend or family’s estate happens quite often. Many adult children are told that at some point they’ll be responsible for handling their parents’ financial affairs when the time comes. It’s hard enough to think about losing a loved one, much less thinking about what to do when you suddenly Read More

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The real estate market is on the upswing. Great news for sellers! Unfortunately, for lots of people looking to buy, it’s becoming extremely difficult to find that perfect house whilst staying in line with their budget. Many people are tabling the idea all together. Others are deciding to purchase those not-so-perfect homes and go the Read More