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When you start managing your own finances, you’ll probably have boatloads of questions. You’ll Google things like “How long will it take to pay off my student loans?”, “How much should I contribute to my 401k?”, “What does my credit score mean?”, and “How do I figure out what to withhold for taxes?”. Adulting can Read More

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It’s January already!? How did that happen? Last year was a whirlwind for sure, but now that the holidays are behind us and things are quieting down, it’s time to focus on yourself and your personal goals. Is getting your finances in order at the top of your resolutions list? We surely hope so! If Read More

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It’s hard to imagine your parents needing help with anything, right? They’ve always been the ones to help you, give you advice, and guide you in life. But at some point, things will start to shift in your relationship. Your roles will transition to you being the one responsible for making sure they have what Read More

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If you’re a young millennial, you may think that nothing’s going to stop you now. You’ve finished school, and are ready to take on all the responsibility of being a real grownup with gusto. Bring it on world, you’re prepared to handle anything!  You want to work hard, play hard, and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, if Read More

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Oh, the adventures of traveling abroad: exploring new cultures, eating delicious local foods, perusing historical sites. Millennials adore traveling, and are refusing the mentality of putting off big trips until their golden years. In fact, a recent study showed that 65% of millennials planned on traveling to one of their “bucket list” destinations in 2016 Read More

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Handling your own finances can be tough. Teaching those same important lessons to your offspring? Now that’s a whole other animal all together. Don’t sweat it. It takes years and years to understand how money works, so don’t expect your kids to know everything from birth. That being said, it’s uber important to teach kids Read More