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When you hear the phrase “personal finance”, do your eyes glaze over? Does your mind wander to your weekend plans and that new restaurant that just opened in your neighborhood? How about when you hear the words “financial advisor”? Let me guess. Images of old guys in suits surrounded by wood paneling, droning on and on about the stock market while holding mutual fund growth charts. And probably paintings of ducks on the wall. Am I getting close?

I’m a financial advisor, and I totally get it. A lot of traditional advisors are really, really (really!) boring, and they make thinking about your own financial situation even more so. They add lots of complexity to personal finance, focus on stock market timing, and dive into analyzing company balance sheets and profit margins. They create a thick financial plan to put on your shelf with a laundry list of tasks for revamping your finances. Their advice can be very costly to your bottom line, as complex usually equals added expenses and higher fees.

Here’s the good news! We have a completely different approach at McKay Wealth Management Group. We’re quirky and fun. We care about our clients and what’s going on in their lives. Why not keep things simple, advise you about things you can control in your life, and keep investing and financial planning costs affordable?

I started our company with the purpose of having full control over the processes we use to help our clients. We’re very different from a traditional advisory firm, and proud of it. The process is easy, the pricing is clear, and our clients’ needs are at the forefront of what we do every day. Our philosophy is simple: Planning is the key to success. Learning how to improve your financial situation doesn’t have to be boring and too complicated to understand.

Working to achieve all those awesome goals in your life should be exciting! Buying a house, getting married, starting a new job, paying down debt, starting a business, saving money for the future, starting a family: These life events are all defined by what financial footing you’re on. That’s why we put the emphasis on financial planning first, and make investing approachable for everyone.

Interested in learning how we can help you plot the path to your financial future, while still living for today? Reach out anytime to schedule a free introductory appointment. Look forward to meeting you soon.