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Unprecedented. A virtually nationwide lockdown to mitigate the ongoing spread of disease. The inability to be anywhere near one another for fear of transmitting the virus. The astronomically negative impact on our healthcare system. The gut punch to the U.S. economy and the global marketplace. Yes, most everything at this present moment is aptly described as unprecedented. This new “normal” we are collectively living is anything but.

We are most certainly in uncharted territory. The path toward resolution will likely follow a similar pattern as past disruptions to society, the economy, and the investment markets. As I see it, this pandemic is a mash-up of a world war and a financial debt crisis. The grinding halt to daily life, similar to the fallout from World War I and II, will result in significantly depressed consumer demand across a wide span of industries. Job losses and lower earnings for individuals and companies will continue.

While all of this is incredibly painful emotionally and financially, this most negative of realities will come to an end. Pharmaceutical companies will produce therapeutic treatments for the virus and eventually a vaccine. The federal government is providing fiscal stimulus to help Americans make it through to better times. Central banks around the world are lowering interest rates and providing monetary stimulus to build in stabilizing forces to counteract the pandemic uncertainty.

This too shall pass. There will be a time when we will go through an entire day without having thought about COVID-19. That day is likely a long way off, and the interim is likely to worsen, but we are headed toward a resolution. We will collectively adjust and make it through.

In the meantime, I am here to help. If I can assist in guiding you, your family, your neighbors, your business, or your friends, reach out to schedule a time to talk. Initial consultations are always free. I am happy to provide any support that I can.


Matt McKay

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