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Q1 earnings recap.

Now that 95% of the S&P 500 have reported 1st quarter earnings, it’s clear that corporate America is well on its way to a historically strong recovery. Not only are more companies beating their earnings but, as we said before, it’s by a historic margin. Yet the markets have stayed put for the month, with the S&P up marginally and the Nasdaq down. Dive deeper into the earnings vs. market movement weeds here.

Infrastructure – deal or no deal?  

Looks like progress is being made towards a bipartisan infrastructure deal. The next week or two will determine the end game. Republicans and Democrats are creeping closer to a top line dollar amount of around $1 trillion. Details surrounding tax changes and the funding mechanism are still major sticking points.

Reopening economic progress.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there. The reopening post COVID-19 is on its way. While job numbers are improving, they continue to lag those of 2019. Consumers are feeling more confident in resuming many of the activities they enjoyed pre-lockdowns. The economic landscape will forever be altered from the drastic change in consumer habits in response to the pandemic. The big question remains: Will the new “normal” lend itself to stronger long-term growth than we’ve experienced over the past 15 years? The initial trajectory looks promising with consumers in solid financial shape. Only time will tell

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