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Earnings in the spotlight.

Corporate earnings have once again taken center stage in the market movements as companies continue to deliver strong revenue and earnings growth. Positive earnings were expected and seem to be providing some much needed stability to the markets following a more volatile September and early October. 

Inflation anxiety.

Inflation is still supplying its fair share of angst to the Federal Reserve and consumers alike. While Fed Chairman Jerome Powell maintains he believes inflation will prove transitory due to supply chain kinks, the term transitory may be more relative than we originally thought. The likelihood of inflationary issues lasting a year plus, rather than months, is increasing. The impending taper and raising of rates should prove an effective tool on long term inflation rates. Hopefully addressing the obstacles present in the global supply chain will alleviate some upward price pressures in the near term.

Supply chain troubles. 

How did we get here? When will the supply chain obstacles and delays be resolved? This New York Times article sheds some light on the issues at hand, explaining how modern day manufacturing and production processes were completely derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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