COVID-19: Where we are and where we are headed

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Unprecedented. A virtually nationwide lockdown to mitigate the ongoing spread of disease. The inability to be anywhere near one another for fear of transmitting the virus. The astronomically negative impact on our healthcare system. The gut punch to the U.S. economy and the global marketplace. Yes, most everything at this present moment is aptly described Read More

What’s moving the markets?

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Pandemic causes economic freefall. The markets are responding to the rippling effects caused by the continued spread of COVID-19. The broadening self-distancing and containment efforts of major global economies are having a profound impact on all levels of commerce. The economy has ground to a halt at the local, state and federal levels here in the Read More

COVID-19: Economic uncertainty and the emotional toll

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How quickly things can change. The past few weeks have been unprecedented. The health crisis of COVID-19 has permeated our daily lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This abrupt transformation is creating drastic economic uncertainty. Investors are revaluing what the next 12-18 months look like for companies and their earnings. Most Read More