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If you’re a young millennial, you may think that nothing’s going to stop you now. You’ve finished school, and are ready to take on all the responsibility of being a real grownup with gusto. Bring it on world, you’re prepared to handle anything!  You want to work hard, play hard, and enjoy yourself.

Unfortunately, if you don’t plan ahead with your finances, you could have a real tough time reaching all those fab adult goals.

Here are the eight signs it’s time for you to have a budget:


#1: You land your first job and are ready to move out of your parents’ place. Score!


#2: You buy a new car to go with your new job. Sweet ride!


#3: Your awesome coworkers ask you to go out to lunch and happy hour drinks…three times a week. Hmmm, this is getting a bit pricey, don’t you think?


#4: You get your first paycheck and realize tax withholdings, social security, health insurance and retirement contributions really do add up. Surprise!


#5: You have to start paying back your student loans. Womp womp.


#6: Your friends want to go on vacation…to Europe.


#7: Your bank account balance is so low you have to go back to eating ramen noodles for dinner every night. And we’re not talking the fancy kind.


#8: You secretly ask your mom for money to cover your electric bill…every month.



All jokes aside, if any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry. Once you’ve set a budget and learn to stick with it, you’ll be able to get your finances back to right as rain. If you need any help figuring out how to get started, reach out to us!

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