Reality check: Homeownership

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Ah, homeownership. There’s so much to think about! First, a few things to keep in mind: This isn’t an anti-homeownership post. In fact, buying a house can be an excellent financial goal to accomplish. It can also be one of the biggest financial mistakes out there. Knowing what you’re really getting into is the best Read More

The struggle is real: Top credit card terms to know

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We’re just going to go ahead and assume that you or someone you know may have questions when it comes to credit card lingo.   Sure, you technically know the difference between choosing credit or debit at the register, but have you taken the time to truly understand some of the more complicated terms and Read More

Ready to buy a house?

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House hysteria is a real thing. Once one friend buys a place, the social pressure is on for others to follow suit.  Everywhere you go, people are talking about Zillow, interest rates, great floorplans, school districts and desirable neighborhoods. Before you’re green with envy and ready to sign on the dotted line, remember that buying Read More