Take advantage
of being young.

We're Matt and Gigi McKay. We're a young family, and like you, we have to constantly work to find a balance between saving for the future and spending in the present. We created McKay Wealth Management Group to help young professionals and families in RVA build detailed financial plans and invest for their future. And we'd love to talk to you about yours.

What We Do For You

You make financial decisions every day – and each one has an impact. Together we can build a plan that will make you more comfortable with your financial decisions.


Risk Assessment

Find your risk tolerance

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Many people don’t know just how volatile their investments can be. Wouldn’t it be better to know your tolerance and have someone ensure your investments are allocated correctly?

Find Your Comfort Level.

Financial Planning

Strike a spending balance

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Creating a financial plan now doesn’t always mean you’ll be on a bare-bones budget for years to come. We want you to live life to the fullest while also saving for important goals down the road, like a new home, retirement or even traveling the world.

Let us plan for you.

Portfolio Management

Invest in your future

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Now is the time to start investing, and we believe that the best strategy is a long-term one. Allow us to find an easy-to-understand investment plan that’s right for you.

Talk to McKay today.
How We Do It

From financial planning to investing, here’s how we would work with you:

  • Assess your risk
  • Define your goals
  • Develop your plan
  • Manage your investments
  • Review & refine over time. Life changes and so should your plan.



Risk Assessment

& Initial Consultation


It’s easier to help you if we know a little bit about you.





Our competitive fee for financial planning sets us apart from other firms.




1.0% – 1.25%

of assets under management*

We offer affordable fees for personalized portfolio management. Let’s get to work finding the investment strategy that’s right for you.

*Exceptions apply; ask for details.


No Minimums

Other firms require clients to have a certain level of assets. That’s not our style. We see it as our job to help you build your assets.


Your best interests will always drive our recommendations. We do what is best for you.

Demystify your finances

You can expect easy-to-understand reports, detailed advice and straightforward recommendations.


From phone and email to video chat and in-person meetings, you’ll always have a quick response from someone who knows you, your needs and your goals.

Competitive and transparent

We’re upfront about our competitive pricing structure.


How do your fees compare with other financial advisors?

Our prices and fees are extremely competitive for the service and attention we provide. According to AdvisoryHQ.com, the average fee is 1.18% for assets less than $50,000.

When do people usually need financial advice?

Many of our clients come to us for advice when they are about to make a big financial decision. For example: buying a house, starting a new job, getting married, starting a family or receiving an inheritance.

How does McKay Wealth Management Group get paid?

For Financial Planning, we divide the bill into two parts. You will receive a bill in each of the first two quarters you work with us. For Asset Management, our fee will be deducted from your investment account on a quarterly basis. Fees are paid in advance of each new quarter.


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