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There are two groups of people in the professional world. You have the entrepreneurs, who create, organize, operate and grow businesses; and the employees, who keep those businesses chugging along doing whatever it is they do best. Now there are a whole host of differences between these key players in the American workforce. Today we’re Read More

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Living together, and unmarried? Join the crowd! More and more couples are holding off on those wedding vows, or scrapping the whole idea of marriage all together. In fact, recent research shows that only 26% of adults between the ages of 18 and 32 are married. What are they doing instead? Many are still in Read More

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What better way to explain the ins and outs of personal finance than by combining two of my own passions: making a positive impact on people’s financial lives, and flying planes. That’s right. I’m an investment advisor representative by profession, and a pilot on the side. I grew up flying float planes around Lake Champlain Read More

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Becoming a new parent is one of the most life-altering moments there is. You go from having to worry about yourself, and keeping all those things you’ve got going on straight, to a whole new level of responsibility and decision-making. It’s the ultimate test in #adulting, for sure. One of the biggest decisions people are Read More

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Here we go with the fourth and final millennial money blunder of our series: racking up debt. Now you might be saying, “Oh that’s not me, I always pay my credit card on time!” Kudos to you if you’re debt-free, but we’ve all had some credit card bills drag us down from time to time. Read More

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Baby shower season is upon us! Which brings us to our next millennial money blunder: kids and how much money it takes to raise them, especially at the beginning. Everyone knows that having a baby is expensive. But how expensive might surprise you. If you don’t plan for the expected, and plan even more for Read More

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It’s time for the next millennial money blunder in our series. Everyone knows saving for retirement is important, right? You hear it all the time, from your parents, in the news, from us. Why then is it so darn hard to get started? Well, life happens to you, bills start piling up, and slowly but Read More

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Welcome to our new blog series about those money blunders of the past. Specifically, the ones that have made us older millennials, who came out of college in the mid-2000’s, who we are today. Learning from the trials and tribulations of others can be beneficial, right? Stories like these crop up all the time these Read More

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Everyone worries about money at some point. Financial stress can keep people up at night, strain relationships, and just wreak overall havoc on your daily life.   In fact, according to a recent study, 23% of Americans (36% of Millennials!!) suffer from PTSD type symptoms related to financial anxiety. Not good. We’d like to help Read More