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Welcome to our new blog series about those money blunders of the past. Specifically, the ones that have made us older millennials, who came out of college in the mid-2000’s, who we are today. Learning from the trials and tribulations of others can be beneficial, right? Stories like these crop up all the time these Read More

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Everyone worries about money at some point. Financial stress can keep people up at night, strain relationships, and just wreak overall havoc on your daily life.   In fact, according to a recent study, 23% of Americans (36% of Millennials!!) suffer from PTSD type symptoms related to financial anxiety. Not good. We’d like to help Read More

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First things first: If you’re looking to hire a new financial advisor, interviewing a few prospects is a must do! How else will you know if she/he is the right fit? This is a relationship business, after all. You need to have confidence in the person managing your investments, feel comfortable with them, and get Read More

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Already have a baby on the way? Thinking about starting a family soon? Congrats! Adding a baby to your family is exciting, overwhelming, stressful, draining, and thrilling, all wrapped up into one. There’s a ton of stuff to think about. While those baby books and parenting articles are full of tips on getting your newborn Read More

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If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, the prospect of starting your own business seems like a dream come true. You’re certainly not alone! Businesses with less than 20 employees make up 89% of America’s economy. That’s a lot of folks grinding it out in the small business world! There’s so much to think about before Read More

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We all want our kids to have every opportunity in the world, and to achieve whatever they’re striving to accomplish. As parents, we provide them with every path to success that we can. One of the biggest financial goals out there for parents is to help pay to send their kids to college. Then reality Read More